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Yoshinoya is well-known for its consistently good food. You want to eat the beef bowl right away because of its creamy and flavorful flavor.

You want to eat the beef bowl right away due to its smooth and flavorful flavor. This time, we’ll talk about Yoshinoya’s 24-item popular menu rating (by main, breakfast, takeout, and side) as well as word-of-mouth recommendations.

Latest Yoshinoya Japan Menu

yoshinoya japan menu

Popular Meals to Order in Yoshinoya

Beef bowl

The beef bowl from Yoshinoya is well known for its consistent taste. You want to eat it at any time because of its irresistible flavor.

The meat and onions’ rich, mellow taste absorbs nicely and pairs well with rice. You won’t grow bored of the excellent flavor that can only be found at Yoshinoya till the very end.

Green Onion and Egg Beef Bowl

Plenty of green onions and beef complement each other in this green onion and egg beef dish.

Green onions have a crisp texture, and adding eggs gives them a mellow and rich flavor.

Pork and Kimchi Bowl

Yoshinoya is well known for both its beef and pork bowls.

Pork kimchi rice bowl is one of the most well-liked pork bowls.

Your hunger will be whetted by the excellent kimchi and the perfectly balanced sweetness and saltiness of the pork.

Salacia Beef Bowl

Salacinol, a substance in Yoshinoya’s Salacia beef bowl, prevents blood sugar levels from rising, thus even those with diabetes may consume the beef bowl without feeling guilty.

At Yoshinoya, wonderful gyudon is accessible to even those with dietary limitations, which makes me delighted.

Rizap Beef Salad

Yoshinoya’s new menu is a powerful ally for those individuals in today’s environment where many people work hard to build their bodies.

To provide a well-balanced protein intake, the basic Yoshinoya beef is topped with chicken, broccoli, and a soft-boiled egg.

It is good to be able to savor the mouthwatering beef bowls at Yoshinoya without any reservations, even if you are cautious about what you consume.

Beef Kalbi Bowl

The beef short rib dish from Yoshinoya is suggested if you want to eat a lot.

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It is distinguished by the flavorful, chunky grilled rib meat that has been properly chosen soy sauce.

The rice will fill your tummy and heart since it is so good.

Cheese Kalbi Don

Yoshinoya’s Cheese Kalbi Don is irresistible for cheese lovers.

 You can enjoy the rich and full-bodied taste, and the mellow flavor spreads throughout your mouth, making it addictive.

Green Onion Salt Beef Short Rib Set Meal

Yoshinoya is well-known for its beef set meals as well as its beef bowls.

The green onion salted beef short rib set meal on the new menu is a delectable dish with the scent of sesame oil and garlic.

It has a mouthwatering flavor that keeps you eating more rice, and it’s also advised to avoid summer weariness.

Shinmi Pork Bowl

Pork’s umami flavor and the onion’s inherent sweetness are both delicious.

Despite being only 350 yen, pork is highly recommended due to its distinctive texture.

Spicy Curry

Yoshinoya’s spicy curry is delicious with just the right amount of spiciness and a rich aroma. 

The special curry made with 15 kinds of spices based on vegetables and fruits has an addictive taste. 

One of the charms of Yoshinoya’s curry is that you can enjoy it with your favorite toppings such as beef small bowl and cheese.


Yoshinoya’s kimchi, which is characterized by its tangy spiciness and moderate acidity, is popular because it goes well with gyudon. 

It accents the gyudon, so it’s recommended when you want to eat something different. 

It goes well with rice, so it will make you want to eat more.


The fragrant aroma of Yoshinoya’s salmon whets the appetite. 

The perfectly cooked, soft and healthy salmon is characterized by an exquisite amount of salt that can be enjoyed as is or with rice.

Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables reduce the rich and greasy feeling of gyudon, and are recommended for those who are conscious about their eating habits and those who want to eat gyudon but also want to eat plenty of vegetables.

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It is a recommended side menu. 

You can enjoy the crunchy texture and it goes well with gyudon.


Yoshinoya’s pickles, where you can feel the sweetness of pickled koji and the original sweetness of vegetables, are popular because they go well with gyudon. 

The taste is familiar and loved by people so much that it is commercialized. 

It has a good texture and is so addictive that it disappears in no time.

Beef Kobachi

For those who have ordered something other than beef bowl, but still want to enjoy the classic taste of beef, the beef small bowl is recommended. 

Yoshinoya’s small bowl of beef goes well with rice, but it’s also delicious on its own, so it’s also popular as a snack with alcohol.

Burdock Salad

Burdock root is rich in dietary fiber and is a healthy ingredient that is said to be effective for dieting and beauty. 

At Yoshinoya, you can order a burdock salad with a refreshing flavor that goes well with beef bowls, so if you eat them together, it will transform into a healthy menu. 

The chewy texture is delicious, and your stomach will be full.

Special Breakfast Set Meal

Yoshinoya’s special breakfast set meal that seems to be energetic from the morning. 

A set meal with healthy ingredients such as white rice, grilled salmon, natto, miso soup, raw egg, grilled seaweed, and chopped green onions. 

With a low price of 550 yen, it’s a great way to start your day.

Grilled Fish Set Meal

The grilled fish set meal is recommended for those who can’t eat a hearty breakfast in the morning. 

It’s a simple and stomach-friendly breakfast that comes with miso soup, white rice, and nori seaweed, along with tender salmon that’s perfectly grilled and salted.

Natto Set Meal

A natto set meal that is simple yet provides a good amount of nutrition in the morning. 

It features a good balance of white rice, natto, raw egg, chopped green onions, miso soup, and grilled seaweed.

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 Even if you can’t eat a lot in the morning, you can eat it without difficulty.

Salted Mackerel Set Meal

A fragrant salted mackerel set meal that whets the appetite. 

Fatty, juicy mackerel, rice, and miso soup are popular flavors that make Japanese people happy and familiar. 

It’s a healthy and energetic menu from the morning.

Karashi Mentaiko Set Meal

Yoshinoya’s Karashi Mentaiko set meal, which is delicious with rice. 

It’s a simple menu with mentaiko, rice, miso soup, seaweed, and pickles, but it’s a perfect side dish for breakfast, and the amount is just right. 

It is a recommended breakfast to warm your body and start the day.


Eggs are an indispensable part of Yoshinoya’s beef bowl. 

By adding a raw egg, you can enjoy a mild taste and a trotted texture. 

The raw egg goes well with the rice soaked in the gyudon sauce, which will further increase your appetite.

Pork Soup

Yoshinoya’s pork soup with delicious vegetables and pork soup stock. 

It’s healthy with plenty of vegetables, and goes great with gyudon. 

The heart-relieving homely taste will fill your stomach and keep your body warm.

Soft Boiled Egg

I think there are many people who prefer soft-boiled eggs to raw eggs. 

A soft-boiled egg sticks to the rice better than a raw egg, and you can enjoy a richer egg rice. 

If the gyudon is soaked in a flavory sauce, the flavor of the rice soaked in the soup and the soft-boiled egg will match perfectly, making it even more delicious.

Which is the Best Meal to Order in Yoshinoya

What is your favorite meal or the one you are most eager to eat out of the 24 that we have discussed? What are you still waiting for now that you know what dishes you may order at Yoshinoya? Get up right now and call some pals to come lunch or dinner out with you in Yoshinoya!

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